Robin Van AukenWelcome to my main website. I’m Robin Van Auken, a writer, educator and professional archaeologist, teaching at Lycoming College.  I write books, develop social media strategies, and design websites when I’m not teaching or digging. This website contains links to my various interests and professional services. Contact me if you’re interested or would like a quote.

Writer | Educator | Archaeologist

Editorial Services

Are you a writer trying to get published?  We’ve been there, both in the traditional publishing trenches and in the independent, battling to produce a worthy, salable book. The good news is, independently published books are economical to produce and the rewards are innumerable. If you would like to publish your book yourself, we can help.  We’re committed to helping you learn how. We’ll also teach you how to create a winning author’s page and a book video trailer that you’ll need to help promote your new eBook once it’s available for sale. Click here to learn about our Editorial Services 

Web Development

Does your website convey the right message? Does it combine accurate information, beauty and usefulness? These are the most important aspects of website architecture, and creating the best impression can make a difference when you publicize on the Internet. We’ve been building and supporting websites since 2001, primarily for individuals, small companies and non-profit organizations. If you don’t have a website, we can help you in two ways: We’ll make a complete website with a gorgeous theme, customized just for you and your business, or we offer one-on-one training to help you make a free or low-cost website.   Click here to learn about Website Development 

Social Media

You’ve got good news to share, but which social media platform should you use? Not only that, but who has time to mess around on social sites? Not us. We’re too busy trying to be creative in our own fields of interest. If you’re like us, then you need the Social Media Package. We suggest the Social Media Package to make the three most important social media applications — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — easy to use and maintain.We suggest the Social Media Package to make the three most important social media applications — Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — easy to use and maintain.   Click here to learn about Social Media Services 

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Robin Van Auken is an writer, educator and archaeologist. Wearing three hats isn’t easy, but her interests overlap. As a writer, she authors and co-authors regional history books. As an educator, she works at Lycoming College, where she teaches in the communication and the archaeology departments. As all three, she specializes in coordinating historic projects and consults in all areas of communications, offering professional services in the areas of publishing and marketing across multiple media, including video, audio interactive media, print and web. Visit Robin Van Auken's website
Hands on Heritage helps its clients discover, explore, celebrate and share their cultural heritage through a variety of unique projects. Offering a range of historical research and interpretive services, we can help you tell your story in the format that suits your needs, while adhering to the highest standards of historical practice. We can shepherd your project to completion, or lend a hand when needed. Hands on Heritage is operated by Lance and Robin Van Auken, writers, historians and museum specialists with a combined 50-plus years of experience.Visit Hands on Heritage website
News of Yesteryear is dedicated to educating and entertaining visitors of all ages with stories and illustrations of Historic Pennsylvania — particularly Northcentral Pennsylvania. We feature articles and artwork by individuals, as well as reporters and photographers of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette and other newspapers that span the 200-year history of journalism in Lycoming County. Some of the notable newspapers with origins in Williamsport are the Lycoming Gazette, the Gazette and Bulletin, the Williamsport Sun, Grit, and the Luminary.Visit News of Yesteryear's website
Play Ball! The Story of Little League® Baseball is the remarkable story of Little League® Baseball, from the first diamond in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to the playing fields of the world. “Play Ball!” charts Little League’s history from the earliest days and shows how, in many respects, its history parallels America’s history: isolation in the beginning; rapid expansion; a civil war of sorts, followed by reconstruction; struggles over civil rights and gender equity; and foreign entanglements. A microcosm of American society, Little League reflects, and is affected by, cultural, political and historical trends.Visit Play Ball's website
We’re writers who enjoy traveling to historic and natural places both in the USA and abroad. We especially enjoy camping and RVing. Join us as we explore the USA in our tiny camper, an MPG, and as we consider the possibility of upgrading to a Behemoth Class A). As RVologists, we research and share news and reviews about the Great Outdoors, especially RVing, Camping, Hiking, and Kayaking. No biases; from tents, to campers, to RVs, we love ‘em all. This site is a convenient spot to store some of the knowledge we’re gaining along the way, as well as some of the fun places we visit.Visit RVologist's website
The Paleo Pool website collects, curates and shares content and links to quality information about the Paelo / Primal Lifestyle. I encourage the use of organic, whole foods and healthy living. As I explore and educate myself, I will add only the best links to websites and books and my favorite recipes. You can rely upon the sources I recommend, because they’re the same sources I turn to when I have questions. I created The Paleo Pool because the Paleo / Primal Lifestyle has reversed my health problems and I’ve lost weight. As an advocate, I encourage my family and friends to learn more about the lifestyle. Visit The Paleo Pool's website