Robin Van AukenI’m Robin Van Auken, a writer living in the Pennsylvania highlands. I write books on historical topics, and I write novels. My nonfiction books focus on local history and baseball.  My novels (sometimes using the pen name Madeline Sloane) are romantic adventures, thrillers and mysteries.

I’m also a professional archaeologist, and I teach at a local college in both the Archaeology and the Communications departments. I’m an avid reader and cook, and I advocate (loudly) eating whole, healthy foods. My husband and I enjoy traveling, boating, scuba diving, camping and hiking. Many of my novels are inspired by our adventures and the people we meet along the way. I also blog on this site, so you’ll see links to articles on a variety of topics.

Hands on Heritage and Robin Van AukenIf you’re interested in my portfolio of work, visit Hands on Heritage, which profiles projects and case studies conducted by me and my husband, Lance Van Auken. We’ve had an exciting life so far, meeting amazing people, going to amazing places, and doing amazing things.

Local History

If you enjoy Pennsylvania history, feel free to explore my local history books. I’ve co-authored several books with my husband, Lance, and my good friend, Lou Hunsinger Jr. We have an assortment of narrative and photographic books I’m happy to share with you, including my tribute to Grit: America’s Greatest Family Newspaper and Play Ball! The Story of Little League Baseball®.

Lou and I also have a collection of articles of historical interest on News of YesterYear, a hobby website dedicated to educating and entertaining visitors of all ages with stories and illustrations of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and its surrounding towns.

Romance Novels

In addition to nonfiction, I’m a creative writer and I publish in the romance genre. C’mon, admit it, we all appreciate a good love story. I became interested in the genre as a young girl, sneaking peeks at my Mum’s gothic and Harlequin novels. I’m not talking about “The Great American Novel” ~ I’m talking about a fun, fast read with a happy ending.

With a tip of my cap to William Shakespeare, I’ve developed a romantic novel series titled When Love Speaks:

And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods
Makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.

William Shakespeare, Loves Labour’s Lost

Some of characters in my books may seem familiar, and it’s because they’re patterned after the bard’s heroes and heroines. For example, Katrina Hall in Dead Line is the irascible Kat from Taming of the Shrew. Some of my characters are drawn from people I know or meet while traveling.

If you’re a fan of romantic fiction, I have a free book available that introduces my imaginary town of Eaton, Pennsylvania, and some of its loveable characters. Check out my romantic mystery novel West Wind on all major booksellers, or download it free here >>>

There is only one story in the world, and I enjoy telling it again and again. I’m thrilled that we’re all a part of that story, trekking along on our individual hero’s journey. Even if your journey is only to the grocery store today, take time to appreciate it. You never know what’s next in your heroic quest.

Robin Van Auken’s Books

Free Novel!

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Would you like a free novel?

If you’re a fan of romantic fiction, I have a free book available that introduces my series, When Love Speaks. Check out my romantic mystery novel West Wind.

Download West Wind

Grit Newspaper

Read the Original Issue!

Read the Original Grit!

Now you can download and begin reading the inaugural issue of Grit: America’s Greatest Family Newspaper, printed Dec. 16, 1882.

Read the Original Grit

Robin Van Auken’s Blog

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